Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Deus Ex Human Revolution: What’s Your Favourite Weapon?

The votes have been counted and verified. Phone lines are now closed. The most popular weapon in Deus Ex HR is...

The freedom to choose how you carve a path through Deus Ex’s cyber-punk cities is without a doubt the game’s greatest strength. With the exception of those god-awful boss-battles, it is possible to complete the entire campaign without committing a single act of murder; a minor miracle for an FPS with over 25 hours of gameplay. So then, which persona did you choose to adopt? The cold blooded assassin or the angel of mercy? Personally, I dabbled in a little of both; an opportunist if you will...

Picture the scene: a secluded back alley in the heart of the city slums. I approach a dishevelled hobo, hoping to glean some information about the lay of the land. Disgusted by my prosthetic augmentations the rat-faced vagrant threatens me with violence. Bad move. Before he has the chance to guzzle another mouthful of booze from his can of Special Brew I unleash a flurry of brutal aug-enhanced blows to the head. One less bum on the streets of Detroit.

But the freedom to choose how you deal with any given scenario would not have been possible without the right set of tools. Thankfully, Deus Ex delivers. The ability to mod your weapon of choice empowers you to tackle crims in a way that suits your particular style of play. Some people I know operate manually, refusing weapons in favour of hand-to-hand combat. Others like to pick off their targets from a distance with a sniper rifle. And if stealth isn’t your thing, a couple of explosive rounds from a revolver will get the job done.

My personal weapon of choice? Easy. A fully modded pistol with ALL the trimmings: sound suppressor, armour-piercing system, laser sight, as well as increased damage output, ammo capacity and reload speed upgrades. It’s fucking lethal.

And being the curious kinda fella that I am I tweeted a question to all my lovely followers: what is your modded weapon of choice in Deus Ex Human Revolutions? Here’s how they replied:

Silenced 10mm with all three upgrades (AP+Silencer+Laser) and fully tricked out statistics mods. LOVE IT.
Sabin Figaro

The silenced pistol. It's a headshot machine and quieter than the supposed stealth takedowns in my experience
Dhomochevsky Static

Weapons? Who needs weapons!? Take down all the way, with the help of a Stun Gun if absolutely necessary…
Josh Gardner

Love the revolver with explosive rounds, crossbow and the laser rifle. The taser makes bosses a cinch though, so I’ll go for that.

I'm quite the fan of the Combat Rifle, although never really used it since I was playing non-violent. So Tranquilizer it is.
Ryou Takeshi

I like the stun gun but the ammo is scarce. I've upgraded the pistol and put a laser sight on it, which is handy too.
Games Asylum

So far it is the laser sighted combat rifle, but the 10mm is pretty nifty as well.

I like the heavily modded assault rifle, silenced, damage mods, rate of fire, reload speed, laser sight ;)
Jason Susvidge

I'm actually a fan of the AR silencer and as much hand-to-hand as I can manage. I'm playing this Ghost Recon Style.
Andy Lunique

Revolver, Explosive Rounds!
Henry Tsang

I'm a pistol kinda guy when I'm not using my bare hands. Not found the silencer yet though :( I want!!!
Marc Davies

Stealth Pistol with silencer, laser and armour piercing. For hilarity, revolver with explosive bullets :D
John Pawsey

I've put every weapon mod into the 10mm Pistol so far. I love that gun.

I’m a PEPS man myself.
Bobby Graham

Pistol mainly.
Chris Pengilly

A fully souped up 10mm and revolver. 10mm for silenced kills, revolver for FUBAR moments where its explosive mod is king.
Alexander Lai

My weapon of choice is the silenced pistol. Gets the job done : P

Quite simply, the pistol. Laser and silencer make life so much easier and the ammo is cheap.

The Pistol with everything on it. The Combat Rifle with the heat seeking upgrade is also pretty good.
Jesse Curtis

I love hacking security and siccin’ the bots and turrets on the guards.

Later on in the game the revolver is the only gun worth having, One shot kills anywhere on the body. BOOM!
Craig Armstrong


As you can see, the modded pistol seems to be the average gamer's weapon of choice. If you disagree, leave a comment below and tell me what really gets your kill-juices flowing...

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