Thursday, May 12, 2011

Beyond Sense & Stupidity

It's happened again. Yet another brilliant game marred by the shitty control options.

Beyond Good & Evil, in what can only be described as a glaring oversight, has failed to include the option to invert the y axis.

Instead, we are given the choice to ‘reverse’ the ‘look mode’. Opting for this control set-up inverts BOTH the x and y axis. There is no alternative.

Criminally overlooked when it was released eight years ago, this was Ubisoft’s golden opportunity to reintroduce a classic to a new generation. The game combines elements from multiple genres, including stealth, platform action and detective puzzling, and even inspired Bioshock with its photography mechanism. There are some games that every gamer on the planet should experience. This is one of them.

My advice: trial before you buy. If you’re willing to re-educate your thumbs there’s a cracking game here. But for many the constrictive controls will be a barrier to purchase.

And, for me, that is beyond acceptability.

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