Monday, October 24, 2011

10 Things We Know About Halo 4

New guns, new gear and ancient aliens – here’s everything you should be getting excited about.

Start of a new trilogy
Bungie might have flown the coop, but the story of the Master Chief is far from over. Halo 4 is the first in a brand new trio of games known as ‘The Reclaimer Trilogy’ so expect to see the big MC activating plenty of ancient technology.

New UNSC weaponry
Humanity’s researchers have had over a year to fiddle about with all that new alien technology, and you’ll see the fruits of their work in Halo 4. Expect an array of improved UNSC armaments, as well as new alien treats to try.

Could these iconic weapons be making a return in Halo 4? We'll just have to wait and see...

More vehicles to control
Halo: Primordium might not be coming out until 2012, but the cover art tells us everything we need to know: it’s confirmed concept art for Halo 4, and the ships in the sky are of Forerunner origin.

The Forerunners are alive
We might not have seen the Halo system creators for thousands of years, but it doesn’t mean they’re dead. According to 343 Industries’ Frank O’ Connor, Halo 4 will let you explore Forerunner architecture ‘when it’s not completely inert and empty.’ If it isn’t empty then surely it’s inhabited, right?

Mysterious new foes
We only caught a split-second glimpse of this screeching cybernetic enemy during the Halo Fest presentation. Could it be some kind of Forerunner Sentinal AI? All I know is that is doesn't look at all friendly...

Cortana’s in trouble
She’s one of the smartest AI programs in the universe, but it comes at a cost. After seven years of service Cortana will become ‘rampant’, and quickly begin to lose her marbles. She’s not got long left now, So Halo 4 will likely focus on finding a way to save her.

The Chief has changed
Don’t get too attached to the Chief you’ve seen in Halo 4’s first teaser trailer. 343 Industries recently admitted that the model has seen four separate revisions since then. It’s still not confirmed that he’ll even have a jetpack.

He won't change much. Don't panic.

It’s not long after Halo 3
Some have suggested the events of the game occur 36 years after Halo 3, but 343 assures us that the game begins in 2553, a mere one year after the game’s finale.

Five years for us, but only one year for MC.

The Flood may show up
I reckon we’ll fins out more about The Flood in Halo 4. Originally found in powdered form on an abandoned cargo ship, it’s created by another species. If The Flood only affect organic beings, is it possible that they’re agents of Halo 4’s robotic looking foes?

The most hateful creatures in video game history? Quite possibly.

More clues are coming
If you’re dying to know more about Halo 4, I know where to look. Halo novel Glasslands promises to tease info on new UNSC technology, and Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary, out on November 15, is said to contain loads of clues.

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